Final construction phase

After a short construction stop due to our financial situation, we were able to resume the work in the middle of December. During the winter holidays we had the opportunity to speed everything a little bit up. Our goal was to finish at least one building with two classrooms before the first day of school in January, so that the new students would be able to start their journey in a new building. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it in time for several reasons. Nonetheless, we were still trying to keep up with our building plans even with a little bit of a delay. This became more and more difficult because we overstrained our budget again. Good friends from Switzerland surprised us with an amazing Christmas gift. They sent CHF 500.- as a donation to our project which helped us to finally begin with the final construction phase! Thank you so much.
The next steps are the finishing of the walls, the fixation of the ring beams and their cementing. Once the stable frame for the roof is finished, we are planning to start with the installation of the roof truss. Hopefully we can inaugurate the new classrooms soon.

Here an overview of our costs

Balast 9’500 KSH (CHF 95.-)
Sand 7’500 KSH (CHF 75.-)
25 pack cement 19’000 KSH (CHF 190.-)
Labour 35’000.- KSH (CHF 350.-)
Corrugated iron roof plates
64 x 3m 54’400 KSH (CHF 544.-)
64 x 2m 38’400 KSH (CHF 384.-)

Timbers 191’700 KSH (CHF 1’917.-)
Nails 9’000 KSH (CHF 90.-)
Total approx. 350’000 KSH (CHF 3’500.-)

There is still a long way to go and many challenges to face, but we view them positively and we are really looking forward to the upcoming weeks. We receive many support from our families, friends, acquaintances and people of our community.
A friend offered us his small lorry for the transport of the roofing material. In the pictures you can follow the process. Six workers are giving their very best so we can open the doors the students and teachers as soon as possible.

Our friend, Saha Tetei, contributed 200 seedlings of casaurina plants. With passion we now plant them around the school area.

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