Welcome to Harrison’s Primary School


We enable children’s education for a brighter future!

We are kindly asking you, to stand with us and help us to change the life of the children.

what we are doing

We are building an education centre in Mshomoroni. The area is very needy and education is difficult to access. Before the school opened, the children were busy spending their time at the beach playing with crabs and waiting what life will bring to them. Together with your support we can change the lives of the children and give them prospects! We want to change the lives of the whole community in a positive way!

how our school was founded

2014 Harrison Nyundo had the idea to build a primary school in his hometown in Mshomoroni, Kenya. He knew that there are hundreds of children which are not able to go to school in this area. Reasons were missing of financial possibilities and the distance to other schools. He decided to quit his employment in a hotel to dedicate his life together with his wife Grace to their lifework: Build a school for the needy children! They started with a budget of CHF 90.- and with five children. Today we are counting more than 190!

our goals

The school consists of three iron sheet buildings, as it was financially not possible to build permanent buildings. Our goal is to replace all the iron sheet buildings with permanent ones, so the children will have proper classrooms. Further we also want to officially be registered as a private school. For that the government is demanding permanent buildings, running water and new sanitary facilities. For new constructions we also need to acquire additional building plot. We want to offer the children the best education and infrastructure possible. Important: All children in the area should have the opportunity to come to our school.

birth of the project

2018 I (Joshua Schmidli) started with the project of Harrison’s Primary School in Switzerland. The effort and commitment Harrison and his family were putting into the project, really touched me. From the outset it was clear to me that I wanted to be part of this project and help the children. I started a fundraising campaign in Switzerland to provide the capital for the reconstruction of the school. Additionally I collected school supplies, clothes and shoes for the children. A year later, I handed over the donations at the school and the project was born. In the same year I founded an association and now I’m constantly looking for more support for project.