Welcome to Harrison’s Primary School


In 2014 Harrison Nyundo had the idea to build a primary school in his hometown in Mshomoroni, Kenya. He knew that there are hundreds of children which are not able to go to school in this area. Reasons were the distance to other schools and of course money. Most of them were spending their time at the beach playing with crabs and waiting what life will bring to them. As his wish always has been to be a pastor and teacher, he decided to take responsibility and make something out of the children’s future. He started building a school together with a church to give the children an option in their life. He quit his employment and dedicated his life to this project. Ever since he is building an educational center together with his wife. Although it is not possible to buy the land and construct permanent buildings without a big amount of money. That’s the reason why the school consists only of temporary buildings with corrugated sheet iron as walls and the land is not owned yet. 2018 was the birth of the project Harrison’s Primary School together with Joshua Schmidli. He was touched by the effort Harrison and his family were putting into this project and wanted to support it. He started to raise money in Switzerland, collect clothes, shoes and school supplies to help the school. As the Kenyan Ministry of Education demands permanent buildings, running water and toilets, we had to reassess the plans of reconstructing the school. The major problem is that if a private school does not fit all these requirements it will be closed down right away. To pass the inspection of the Ministry of Education we need additional support. Thus we are kindly asking YOU, to stand with us and help us to reach our goal of a state approved primary school. If we succeed with this project, we will be able to give the children a brighter future.