This is the team behind our school. We have known each other for many years and have grown into a small family.

Harrison Baya Nyundo

Founder and Principal of Harrisons Primary School

I am the principal of the Harrisons Primary School. Besides the work in the school I’m a pastor in a church in Mshomoroni. It has always been my dream to teach children, to educate them and give them the opportunitiy on a better life as well as being a pastor. So I founded my own school in 2014. The area is needy and quit a number of children would not be able to go to school. Hence spend a lot of their time roaming along the beach looking for crabs as meat for their food. As we sat down together and discussed what to do, we decided to put up a structure of our ability. We started providing meals to the children and build up the school. The community saw the idea and the owners of the land thought of selling to us the piece of land instead of renting it. My wife and I have been teaching the children basic education, because we didn’t have the money for professional teachers. We started with 5 children as for now we are over 130 students. In the last couple of years we employed more experienced teachers in to the field and now we have 9 teachers. My vision is to make an educational center that will change and impact the community positively.
Our plan is to have more classrooms of recommended size, adequate water supply from either borehole or tap water, desks, enough text books – everything to improve the education.

Grace Anzazi Bashishi Nyundo

CO-CEO of Harrisons Primary School

Grace founded the school together with Harrison in 2014. In addition to her work in the school management, she teaches from kindergarten to grade 3.

Joshua Schmidli

Leader of the foundation in Switzerland

Harrison and I have been friends for a long time. We met ten years ago in a hotel in Mombasa. When Harrison told me about his retirement and that he will open a school in his home district I was fascinated. After my first visit in Mshomoroni I wanted to be part of this project. I started with a fundraising in Switzerland and I was surprised about the big support we received. Now we want to grow bigger and build permanent buildings so we can provide the best education possible for the children. Because we know: Education is the key to a brighter future!

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Lennox Katana Hanga

Guest relations manager of the school and Tourleader in Kenya

When I heard of Harrisons project I could not hesitate to support him. We grew up in the same village in Kilifi and his Father used to take care of me. I am the organizer of all Tours and Visits towards the school. In addition we give the people the opportunity to book Safaris through us and a big part of the amount will be donated to the school. So we have the chance to realize an income for the school through Safaris. Im a tour leader in Mombasa for Safaris and excursions in Kenya and Tanzania. If You have any questions or wishes, please, just ask me!

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Matthias Weber

Board Member of Swiss Association

What Harrison and Grace have built up, initially all alone and without funds and later with the help of Joshua, has impressed me deeply. This is a project where every franc donated is really used on site for the benefit of the children. They too deserve a good, dignified life. They should enjoy going to school and find competent and committed teachers there. But to be able to learn ambitiously, they first need clean drinking water, proper sanitary facilities and well-equipped classrooms. I would like to contribute to this with sustainable projects based on innovative, but at the same time affordable and robust technology and rigorous training of teachers and students.

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For any questions and inquiries, Do not hesitate to speak to us!