We want to give you a personal connection to our school and provide even more targeted support to the neediest children. For that reason we decided to offer sponsorships.

With our sponsorships you have the opportunity to improve the lives of the children. We want to help very needy families and relieve them of the school fees so that they can use their little money for their livelihood. By sponsoring a child, you support the neediest children in our school. Among them are some orphans who can especially use your help. The money goes into a general scholarship fund, which provides financial support for all children in need at the school. It is used for the children’s school fees, food costs and general material costs. Since several children can benefit from a sponsorship at the same time, you are supporting the entire community.

A sponsorship costs CHF 20.- per month or CHF 240.- per year.

Please read our FAQ and regulations carefully.

Summary of expenses
Food (Breakfast and Lunch), CHF 0.50.-/Day (180 school days)CHF 90.-/Year
School fees (3 terms, age-related, maximum)CHF 135.-/Year
Uniform, School supplies (textbooks, pens, exercise books) CHF 15.-/Year

FAQ and regulations

What do I get out of a sponsorship?

  • You can provide education to several children and so help them having a brighter future. You are able to follow the school career of the children and in addition, you help the whole community with your sponsorship and so you enable many positive changes.

Can I maintain direct contact with the sponsored children?

  • No, there is no direct contact. You have the opportunity to communicate with the sponsored children through us.
  • You will receive a letter from the sponsored children twice a year and you will be informed about the school.
  • The protection of the children is our top priority therefore we have strict regulations.

Can I visit the sponsored children and the school?

  • Visitors are always very welcomed at our school. This way you are able to make your own impression right on the site. You are welcome to contact us on that purpose. Personal meetings with children out of the school are not possible.

Can I send any amount?

  • No, the amounts are predefined. If you want to donate a bigger amount, you can take another sponsorship or make a general donation towards the school.

What happens with the sponsorship after the graduation?

  • We try to support the children beyond our school until the end of their entire school education. Otherwise, there is a risk that they will not attend any further school after completing primary level and that their prospects will be limited. The school fees of the secondary schools are way higher and therefore the children are dependent on our further support.

What if a sponsored child changes the school or stops coming to school?

  • We can not guarantee that all children will spend their whole schooldays at our school.
  • In Kenya it is always possible that children suddenly stop attending school for various reasons. Of course, we try to prevent this, so they don’t have any gap in their education.
  • However, if this should happen, the amount will be donated to the remaining children.

How do I pay the sponsorship?

  • There are three options. You can initiate a standing order via your e-banking (Which you can then confirm with us), make an annual payment with Twint or you can have a monthly amount (account needed) or the total amount debited from your credit card via Paypal.