Our wish is to register as a privat primary school as soon as possible. For this case we need to have a permanent building, running water and a good infrastructure overall. The recommendations by the government are high and cost a lot of money. Thats why we need Your support.
We want to enable the children the best education possible.

We invest the money we raise in new classrooms, desks, school material and other infrastructure.

Goods are also welcome!

We could not explain how thankful we would be, if you would support us on our way to reach our dream.


School supplies


We can use different types of goods
– School supplies like books, writing pads, notebooks, paper and pens.
– Clothes for children as well for adults. Jackets, t-shirts, trousers, jeans, underwear or socks.
– Shoes of any size and style. Sports shoes, sneakers or rubber boots, it doesn’t matter.
– Old mobile phones and smartphones which are not anymore used in your household.

Do You have something for us? So please send it to the following address or talk to us.

Joshua Schmidli
Thalmatt 1
3037 Herrenschwanden

Thank you!