Another idea for a Christmas gift

Perfect for the Christmas season we have created a calendar with impressions of our school. With this we would like to finance the new kitchen.

For a donation of CHF 50.- you will receive a calendar 2022 in A4 format.
From CHF 100.- on or more, you will receive the same calendar with African recipes for cooking in A3 format.
For donations please use the subject “School kitchen

Plan of the new school kitchen
The existing kitchen will be replaced by a stone building with a corrugated iron roof and two windows. It will be equipped with two electric stove tops (powered by solar energy), a sink and several cabinets for pans and dishes. In addition, a table will provide more working space.

Estimated costs around CHF 5’000.-

Help us so that our chef can cook for the children under healthy conditions!
A big thanks for your support!

Calendar A4

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