Finish line in sight

A lot of time has passed since the last article and a lot has happened in our school. We were able to cement the floor in all 6 rooms, plaster the walls and lay electricity cables. However, we still have to wait for electricity because the city has not laid any lines to the school yet. But the projects are underway. The filling and leveling of the floors has costed a lot of time and money. But the result is very satisfying. Each classroom has also received a blackboard, which is of course extremely important for teaching. The interior still needs painting and a suitable solution for the ceiling. We have also installed 14 windows and 5 doors. The window frames are made of wood and pierced with black plastic rods. We are still missing the shutters, so that we are protected from all kinds of weather. In addition, we have to attach gutters to the roof to collect the rainwater and use it further (toilets). When the water falls freely on the ground, large gutters are always created due to the felling and thus endanger the construction work.
As you can see, we still have some open projects, which are also a big challenge financially. Therefore we are still dependent on further support.

Costs for the doors and windows: CHF 1’105.- (KSH 110’500) + fitting CHF 85.- (KSH 8’500)

As the christmas bells are ringing soon we prepared something special for you. We would like to give you the opportunity to donat school material besides donating money only. You can choose between different packages of school books, pencils, scissors and erasers. A part of the amount will then additionally benefit the construction work. Click here for the christmas campaign!

Next projects:
– Guttering
– Window shutters
– Painting

Cargo transport

In the last article you were able to see how we packed clothes, shoes and school material into boxes and prepared it for the transport to Kenya. Meanwhile, the freight transport is on its way and should arrive next week in Nairobi. There I will pick up the load together with Harrison at the airport and bring it to the school. In Switzerland my friends Luca and David took care of the transport to Zurich airport. Thank you! At this point I would also like to thank the Swissworldcargo team, who went out of their way to support us as best as they could. As the flight industry is affected hard by the Covid pandemic we faced several challenges on this side. Now we hope to receive the goods at the airport in Nairobi without any difficulties.

status of the construction works

Last month we started laying the foundations for the new classrooms, bringing us a little closer to our dream of an education centre. This was only possible due to your generous donations. During the excavation, heavy rain surprised us and unfortunately destroyed some of the work. Due to that we had to do a lot of the work again. But with the cementing we could now protect the trenches. The next steps would be to buy blocks and build the foundation up to the level of the old classrooms so we can use them in January if all classes will open. At the moment the classrooms are not accessible, as you can see in the pictures. We are also dependent on financial support for this. We thank everyone for their help!

Costs of the basement
– Digging CHF 882.- (KSH 88’200)
– Bases 11×400 CHF 44.- (KSH 4’400)
50 pcs. D-10 CHF 330.- (KSH 33’000)
30 pcs. D-8 CHF 135.- (KSH 13’500)
30 pcs. D-6 CHF 115.- (KSH 11’500)
– Bindedrähte CHF 35.- (KSH 3500)
– 2 lorries balast CHF 220.- (KSH 22’000)
– 38 bags cement CHF 220.50.- (KSH 17’550)
– 620 liter water CHF 48.90.- (KSH 4’890)
– Labour CHF 410.- (KSH 51’000)
Total: CHF 2’440.40.- (KSH 244’040)

For now I’m on the ground myself and will continuously report about what is happening at the school. So stay tuned!

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