Latest developments

Last month the Kenyan government has decided to keep the schools closed until the end of 2020. Thats a hard decision for us. The kids have to stay at home and can’t receive education for a long time, because also onlinschooling is in these proportions absolutely impossible. In addition comes the inability to pay the salary of our teachers. We are standing in front of some difficult tasks. We have decided to follow our plans and to finish the classrooms to the reopening in 2021.

In our last article you were able to see the first building. This week we started with the roofing of the second building. We are progressing very fast. We were very luck to receive donations during the corona pandemics from people of hearts throughout the hard times we still have all around the world. Due to this donations we are able to continue with the construction works. But to be able to follow all our plans we are still dependent on further financial support.

Costs to finish the second building:
520ft 2×2 pine timbers 12,480 KSH (CHF 124.80)
830ft 3×2 pine timbers 29,880 KSH (CHF 298.80)
180ft 6×1 fisher boards 14,400 KSH (CHF 144)
15kg Rooftop nails 8,640 KSH (CHF 86.40)
15kg Nails 4 inches 2,250 KSH (CHF 22.50)
5kg Nails 3 inches 750 KSH (CHF 7.50)
Wall pass 750 KSH (CHF 7.50)
10 pcs Ridges 2,000 KSH (CHF 20)
52 pcs Iron sheets 3mtrs 46,800 KSH (CHF 468)
1x wood preservative 20 ltrs 1,500 KSH (CHF 15)
Labour charges 24,800 KSH (CHF 248)

Total 144’250 KSH (CHF 1’442.50.-)

Water tank
Besides the construction works on the two buildings we were able to install a new water tank. For that we first had to build a stable ground. It’s the first time in our history that we have running water. This is a big step towards our goal. In times of dangerous infectious diseases clean water becomes more and more important.

I plan to fly to Kenya in December and watch the progress live on site. Until then I would be pleased about numerous donations of clothes, shoes, school material and financial support.

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