Review November 2019

November has been a great month for us. We made an amazing step forward with our project. We received a lot of support from all over the world. This is really bringing hope to us and our community. From now on we are close to finish our classrooms. Two of them are almost finish, there is only the roof missing. The walls are leveled and ready for the beams and the roofing with iron sheets. We already prepared the ring beam metals but we could not fix them yet. The full costs are 34,500 KSH (CHF 345.-) but we were not able to pay the full amount. Due to that we still have to pay 24,500 KSH (CHF 245.-) to the owner. The construction work is stopped for now, but we are working hard to get the money together, to finish the procedure. We also ask YOU to help us finishing our work. It would be a special Christmas gift for us.

We are very happy how far we have already come. Since the last update on our page, we progressed very well as you can see on the pictures. We are very grateful to be at this point and this far. We believe we will reach our goal. Thank you for your untiring support.
The school is closed at the moment due to school holidays. The students are coming back at the beginning of January. Till that time we want to improve ourself and finish at least two classrooms. It would be amazing for the children to start the new year in a new classroom. As well the government is putting pressure on us to finish as soon as possible.

Further we have received five bags of clothes and shoes. We are so thankful. If you have any old clothes, shoes or games at home which are not anymore in use, we would really appreciate it. Here you can find further information.
A good friend from Germany visited us last month. Sadly the weather conditions were not on our side and we were not able to visit the school together. But we are always happy to receive friends or anyone at our school. If you like to visit us, just check our information here.
You are warmly welcome!
Many thanks to our friends from Germany which spoiled us with presents. We hope to see you again soon!

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