Update Classrooms

The progress of our construction work is really satisfying. Due to your financial support we are able to build our classrooms very solid and convenient. As you know we started with the digging at the end of September and now we are almost ready for the roofing. Our aim is to finish the rooms in January. So we can put the rooms in operation direct after winter holidays. But for this we are needy of more financial support.

The remaining money is not sufficient to cover all expenses. We kindly ask you to make a donation, so we are able to follow our plan! This week we have received support from the medical students in Basel. They donated incredible 35,000 KSH out of their earnings of a medical sports day. A big Thank You to the students, you really helped us!

New Expenses:
2 lorries sand 19,000 KSH (CHF 190.-)
1 lorrie balast 10,500 KSH (CHF 105.-)
1190 Blocks 55,930 KSH (CHF 560.-)
Tip of sand 7,500.- KSH (CHF 75.-)
Total 92,930 KSH

It is very important for us to show our supporters what we are doing with their money. If you have a specific question, do not hesitate to ask us. Transparency is one of our guiding principle.

Here you can see the beginning of the grounding.

Step by step the rooms are growing. Our builders are working very focused on our condition.

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