Start with the construction of new classrooms

With the amount of CHF 1’600.- (166,000 KSH) we have raised in Switzerland, we were able to start building four new classrooms. The Ministry of Education in Kenya demands permanent buildings, which are save and weather resistant for the students. One week ago a tragedy happened in Nairobi. A school building collapsed and killed 7 students. Since then the ministry closed over 140 private schools because of their insufficient infrastructure. Here you can get further information. The Kenyan government released a letter after this incident.

You can download and read it below. It gives the information and regulations about the procedure for private schools, which are not meeting the demands of the government.
For us it is very important to finish these buildings as soon as possible. In case we are not able to offer our students save learning environments, our school will not be accepted as public primary school and can be closed by the government.
Two weeks ago we began with the construction works. First we had to build a stable groundwork. Our school lies on a small hill, which made it very expensive to do the basement, it took some days time to get forward. But until now we are very happy how far we have already come. Our rooms will have a size of 15 x 18 feet with a stable grounding and roof.

This is the pricing of our construction so far:
1. Digging foundation 74,015 KSH (CHF 740.-)
2. County council fees 4,000 KSH (CHF 40.-)
3. 2x lorries ballast 21,000 KSH (CHF 210.-)
4. 2x lorries sand 19,000 KSH (CHF 190.-)
5. Mixing work labour charges 13,000 KSH (CHF 130.-)
6. 1,000 Blocks 47,000 KSH (CHF 470.-)
7. Water used in mixing 2,000 KSH (CHF 20.-)
Summary 180,015 KSH (CHF 1’800.-)
This is the amount we have already spent. As you can see the fees are very high.

To finish the buildings we need at least 1,500,000 KSH (CHF 15’000.-). For this reason we are absolutely dependent on YOUR support. Without it we are not able to finish the buildings.

Again we have to say thank you to all the people who are giving us this possibility. Special thanks goes out to a pastor and his family in the USA.

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